ODR was founded in 2021. After having several poor experiences with other rental companies, we decided to set out to provide a quick and easy, hassle free approach to car hire!
Based in Rolleston, Christchurch, our #1 priority is providing a positive and convenient experience to all of our customers. So, whether you're on holiday, waiting on your car to be repaired or in between vehicles, we have you covered.

Alongside an array of vehicles to suit your needs, we offer drop off and pick up to your home or workplace or repair shop! Furthermore, we are locally owned and operated and you can be assured you will receive excellent customer service!

Our Toyota Camrys are the most popular car especially for long journeys. Such a comfortable car to drive.
Our Toyota Corollas would have to be the second vehicle of choice. They are very comfortable like the Camry but in a Hatchback style. Still very popular for long journeys.
Our Toyota Yaris are very popular for around town driving and day trips. While they are very capable for long journeys, they're just not as comfortable.

Toyota is our brand of choice

After owning more than 20 Toyotas in my lifetime it was a no brainer to make them our brand of choice for our rental car company!